Sheikh Hassan Aly Mustafa of the Ababda Beja.
Egyptian statesman Saad Zaghloul, Prime Minister of Egypt.
Toubou leader Kossey Sanda.
Hadiya Sidamo leader Gaaxi Ani Fit. Geejja Garbo.
Oromo leader Haji Adam Sado.
Somali Sultan Mohamoud Ali Shire of the Warsangali Sultanate, shown on the cover of History Today magazine.
An Ababda Beja man from Egypt with the honkwil hairstyle.
Portrait of an Afar (Danakil) sheikh.
Portrait of the Somali leader Abu Baker, Governor of Zeila. During the Middle Ages, Zeila served as the seat of the Adal Sultanate.
Photograph of the Somali leader Muhammad Abdullah Hassan (the “Mad Mullah”), founder of the Dervish State.
Toubou girl of relatively “pure” stock.
Portrait of the Eritrean leader Musa el-Accad.
Hadendoa Beja man from Sudan with the siknab hairstyle.
Portrait of a Somali man wearing the tobe, a traditional Roman-style toga.